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Where Did This Summer Go?

As my calendar turns to September I can not help but wonder where did our summer go? It seemed like just yesterday I was turning our school curriculum over from a school focus to more of a therapy focus.

Bringing out the summer clothes and dusting off the summer toys.

This year as our summer comes to a close I can not help but reflect on our summer fun and think about all the changes this fall will bring.

We spent a good part of our summer driving up to the city for outpatient therapy at Lilly’s hospital. During our trips to the city we saw a change in her. She bloomed into a confident child who likes to wheel herself around. At the same time she also started using communication board pictures. 🙂 This was an exciting progress for us.

In August I used some respite to help my shoulder heal and honestly to help me heal. Over all I had become a burnt out person. I needed some time just to step back on a regular basis to just be me.

It was great. Lilly loved the time spent with her worker and A-man got some extra Mommy time. (Which I realized he didn’t get too often) For the first time in a while I started sleeping properly, (ends up a rested momma is a happy momma) got to experiment in the kitchen, (Yes!!) spend time with God, and just become me again.

During this time I realized a few things:

  1. I am creative!
  2. I love writing, I just need to set boundaries on how much time I spend writing, (half hour on post, half hour creative writing, act..)
  3. A-man needs help with social interaction. I set the stepping-stones in place to get him help

The biggest thing was after a consultation with a psychologist we have decided to set up our house Montessori base. (Oh and we are moving out of my folks house) 

Yes a busy summer that leads into an even a  busier fall.  It’s left me a bit frazzled. Are you in the same spot of wondering what happened to your summer also? Plus gearing up for a busy fall also? Please let me know by commenting below. 😉


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