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Special Needs Parenting Is Like A Marathon

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Special needs parenting is like a marathon, not a sprint. This is something I have learned over time. When Lilly was a baby I lived like I was sprinting through things. I was rushing through one doctors appointment after another. One crisis after another. Than something changed in my way of thinking. That I need to stop relying on just myself to get things done.

I looked hard at my life in the present, than my life in five years from now and I did not see how things would be different. What I needed to do was stop just relying on family support and bring in outside support.


One word that scared me to the core. The thought of bringing strangers into my home and family raised my anxiety levels. In my mind I focused on the negative side of things like:

   What if they don’t like how I clean my house? (silly I know)

or what if they don’t like my rules?

Or our family set?

Or get don’t get a long with our pets?

Or other family members?

My brain just kept making respite into this big scary picture. I kept brushing it off. Than last year something happened….I got a foot injury. Here I was with an almost year old and 5-year-old child who’s needs where getting more and more plus keeping up with life.

Respite Series: A Mother's Journey Of Finding Rest For The Soul

Have you ever gone grocery shopping pushing a wheelchair and pulling a grocery cart while baby-wearing a baby on your back plus nursing a foot injury?

That was my reality before respite. Crazy I know! I broke down and found a high school girl to come in for a bit each month. It changed my life! In honour of my one year anniversary with respite I will be doing a short series.

In this series I will share how respite has become something I cherish. It is something that makes a healthier and happier me all around. The best thing about this journey is by bringing in respite it has made me a better wife and mom! I personally invite you to join me.

By His Stripes Alone


2 thoughts on “Special Needs Parenting Is Like A Marathon

  1. This sounds like a wonderful series that will help many, Candice. Respite is much needed in those times of overwhelm. I’m glad you were able to find someone to help you in this very busy season of your life. We can all use a little help at times :).


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