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Pedicure’s & Dreams

As a parent I had many dreams about raising a girl. I dreamt about braiding hair, painting nails, and playing dolls. All things I did with other parents children and just assumed that it will be a natural thing for me.  Than reality happened.

Dreams where crushed by things like sensory, intellectual and developmental issues.

When Lilly was little I tried to paint her toe nails so her brain would notice her left foot. It was an interesting attempt and I decided to put the nail polish away for a latter date.

One day last month while A-man was sick (and napping)  and to entertain a bored Lilly I decided to have a girls afternoon. I made a movie snack bar, (popcorn, pop, and chocolate,) a pedicure set up, (a bowel of hot water, nail clippers, 4 different shades of nail posh, and lotion)  and put in Mom’s Night Out in the Blue Ray Player.

My goal was to paint my toe nails while sitting beside Lilly munching on goodies.


As I pulled out the nail polish Lilly indicated she wanted to take part in Mommy’s fun. For the next bit she munched on food, sat back and let me give her a pedicare.

Lilly thought it was funny when mommy washed her feet, and massaged her legs with lotion. She did not enjoy getting her nails clipped but loved them being painted.

It was fun!

Lilly laughed and I enjoyed doing a girly activity with my daughter. We had a great time watching the movie together, (her favourite part is the van chase,) and just being mommy and daughters for once. (instead of caregiver & child)

As a special needs parent there have been a lot of dreams changed. There are even dreams that I have given up with out realizing. That lazy movie/pedicare day gave me back a dream that I did not even know I had given up on. Sometimes dreams come true when you least expect it.

By His Stripes Alone


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