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Lilly’s Spring Conductive Education Camp

A while ago I was talking to another special needs mommyblogger about toleting, (well at least I think it was) and she mentioned Conductive Education. She mentioned that she sent her daughter to a school for a bit and saw some major improvement. I checked into it and loved what I was reading but…. (their’s always a but)

The price and we would have to go to either the states or back east.

I prayed to God about it and left it at his feet. Fast forward a couple years and I heard that there is a local camp hosted by March of Dimes Canada. I was ecstatic to find this gem and quickly singed Lilly up for spring break.

Trust me I was so nervous about this. There where so many things that made this mommy wig out but I trusted God that everything will come together and it did!


Those four days of camp pushed Lilly to the limit but she walked away with so many positive experiences. To this day I am seeing benefits from her attending camp. (Like sitting on her bum instead of her knees)

We had Lilly registered for the two week summer camp but due to the recent changes in her leg we had to pull her out 😦 This has made us really sad because we know Lilly loved her experience at Camp but we are hoping to go again next year!

Has there been something recently that has made you step out in faith?

By His Stripes Alone


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