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Wisdom Of Proverbs, and A Lilly Update

This blog has been quite for a while now. It seems like every time I get into the grove of things something side tracks things. The past while life has been crazy. Lilly and A-man caught a virus that was a doozy for both of them. It flared A-man’s asthma and flared up all Lilly’s issues.

For the last few weeks I have been juggling putting Lilly into school (a post for a later time,) juggling paper work, dealing with the fact that Lilly’s left leg is regressing and to top things off I pulled my shoulder.

When I got an email from my Good Morning Girls accountability group leader asking if I want to be in the Proverbs Session I jumped on it. A few weeks ago I saw Courtney Joseph’s big announcement about studying the book of Proverbs and it lit me up inside.

What I didn’t understand is how much this book would speak to me deep down in my soul. 

Proverbs has been my go to book when praying about issues regarding Lilly. God always seems to draw me back to a verse in proverbs during my prayer time. I didn’t realize how much until I opened up to Proverbs 1. There are verses underlined and dates written beside them. Some going back to 2011 when I first got this bible.

At the quietness of my dinning room table on Tuesday night I opened up my computer for the first time in days, (very unlike me) and made myself over to Women Living Well. My goal was simple that night; to start Proverbs 1 study.

I sat there after a day of occupation and physical therapy at the Rehabilitation Hospital in the city. (it’s an hours drive one way) My heart breaking because the doctor confirmed what I already knew.

Lilly’s left leg is not improving and that she will not be able to attend camp this summer. One issue is that with the Botox injections, (which could help with her tone,) she is very high risk candidate. The doctor needs more answers about somethings before choosing a plan. So we have some new referrals to check out. Right now the plan is keep doing what we are doing with the scaled back physical therapy at home.

My summer plans have been squashed.

Proverbs 1:2 really stood out to me that night. It spoke to me that I need to attain wisdom, discipline from this study. That right now this study is my compass. Than I read my email from my group and it up lift me to hear their words again.

I actually went onto Proverbs 2 that night. The verse that talked to me surprised me. It’s verse 10 and I found it very comforting that God’s wisdom will enter my heart and knowledge will become part of my soul. As I read over the many underlined verses in Proverbs 2 it brought back memories of how these verses haven gotten me through some tough times.


With so much unknown in Lilly’s feature and all the added stress lately I have kind of slipped into a funk. My anxiety is a bit high and I am working on bringing it down. I found Proverbs 3: 25, 26 really helpful. It was like God was saying to me “Candice, I got this. Look to my word and me for confidence.”

On thursday afternoon I put on CD I haven’t played in a while called Grace Unplugged. As I sat on the floor playing doctor with Lilly the sound of mumbling caught my ear. I looked over toward A-man to find him playing with a car and signing along to the CD.

This was a small reminder of how little things I teach my children can easily pick up on.

That night Proverbs 4: 11, 12 ,13 stood out to me, especially the part about hold on instruction, do not let it go, (13). These events really brought home how important it is to hold on to God’s instruction because my little ones are listening to me and learning about God from me.

Right now my path is uncertain but one thing I have learned from this weeks study is to seek God’s wisdom and his light will shine.

By His Stripes Alone


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