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10, 000 Steps Or Something Like That

I have been struggling with losing those last 30 pounds of baby pounds. For the last year it has been an emotional ride trying to figure things out. I have tried new recipes, watching what I eat and new work outs. The ball would get rolling but something would stop it.

I’d lose momentum and slip off the latest path.

Rosilind at A Little R & R did a series on Adrenal Fatigue last month and it opened my eyes to a couple of things. (which reminds me I need to book an appointment with my doctor.) The post Adrenal Fatigue and Exercise really hit home.

Naturally I am not an athletic person. It has to be a conscious decision to work out. When I think of being active I imagine working out in a gym or playing a sport.

Last fall when I was in the doctor’s office complaining about all these aches and pains I’ve been having the doctor said something that made me laugh.

“You do more than the average stay at home mom. On top of the regular moms stuff you have all the extra care things your daughter needs.”

I so did not believe him!

One of the things Rosilind talks about is over doing it with exercise and how it can be contour productive for a person. That’s when my doctor’s words went flashing through my mind and just maybe he was right.

At the same time in my life I asked God to lead me in my struggle with my health. He opened some doors for me that have changed my life.

Medicine & Supplements 

This is one area I really slack at. I always forget to take my medicine and supplements but I have been convicted on it. One of my daughter’s specialist reminded me that by taking the right things it can make her and my life better.

Goal: Take my medicine and supplements every day.


Lately on social media I have noticed people talking about fit trackers, (Rosilind mentions one that she uses.) I decided to do some research on them and liked what I saw. While I was researching The Hubby must have been paying attention.

For Mothers Day he surprised me with the Germin VivoFit.

It’s awesome! It came with two size bracelets and I wear the short bracelet because my wrist are tiny. What I love about it is it tracks my steps, heartbeat and gives me the time. (It does a few more things but these are my favourite)

I have had it for 2 weeks and I have learned a lot about myself. When life is busy with homeschooling, and going for walks I can have anywhere between 10,00 or 13,000 steps a day. The thing is when Lilly is sick I am lucky to get 6, 000 steps a day.

I need to balance my exercise. The high steps days are not the days to go out for long 5 k walks but I should make it a priority to go for a 5k on the low step days. 🙂


I need to fuel my body properly. One of the things I need to do is cut back my portions and eat for a high active life style. In the past when I decided to eat healthy I would cut out food but the truth is it’s self sabotage.

I just need to balance the junk food with the good food. 🙂

Also in my daily planner I have an area that asks me; Why am I eating?

1. Emotional

2. Reward

3. Seeking Acceptance

4. Boredom

5. Procrastination

I find this very helpful. I find often I am reaching for food because of reward, boredom and procrastination. That’s when I put the food back 😉

What about you? Are you a 1 or 5 eater?

homeschooling outside

On Friday I will be writing about Taking Our Homeschooling Outside. The snow is gone and the sun is out it’s time to start our summer homeschooling activities. I can’t wait to share some of the things we are up to.

By His Stripes Alone



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