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Keeping Track Of Life

Six years ago a day planner was non-existent in my life. I used to once in a while write something down on a calendar but I usually just went with the flow.  What changed? I became a special needs parent. It started with a small day planner and over the years it expanded to 3 different planners which leaves me over planning.

I finally said enough! There has to be a better solution.

At first I had the idea of making a planner and printing it out. Than I hit a huge issue.

I can’t specialize it once it is printed out.

My life changes day by day. One day I am homeschooling and the next day I am running off to the children’s hospital ER with a sick child. I need to keep track of medicines, pain scales and so many things that make my head spin.

A few months ago at a ladies ministry event another lady brought a daily planner that she was making herself. She explained to me the products she was using and a light bulb went off.

Off to the local craft shop I went. At first I was going to follow her lead but I ended up buying a binder, a weekly planner pre-made set up and lots of card stock. Than I went to it.

I added a daily planner section which has turned out really great. I use card stock to make a daily page. One side of the page is dedicated to everything me. It has a meal planning section, a food dairy section, work out dairy, a blog planning section and anything inspirational that I want to write down.

daily planner 1

The other side is dedicated to all things Lilly. In other words it is where I track pain, health issues, and new medication. This is where I also plan our homeschooling activities.

I love this new system! Everything in one spot. The only issue is I might need to get another binder to keep track of the daily pages once I am done with them. (I am totally fine with that.) It seems I am quickly finding things to put into this binder.

What about you? How do you keep all things simple & complicated?

By His Stripes Alone


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3 thoughts on “Keeping Track Of Life

  1. I’m with you – I struggled for years to find a planner that would work for me. Finally I ended up using my phone and a variety of apps. Because it’s always in my pocket, that works for me.


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