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5 Things I Have Learned About Homeschooling Music & Speech

If you asked me a few months ago if I thought music and speech go hand in hand. My answer would have been no. In my mind music is songs, and instruments. A complete separate thing from speech. I took speech therapy for 3 years when I was child and it has left an impression in my mind.

Let me state right here that those speech therapy sessions took place 25 years ago. Since starting therapy with Lilly I have noticed a change in how therapy is done.

In my mind therapy is focusing on alphabet sounds and doing a bunch of activities based on those sounds.

Through trial and error I have learned from Lilly that music is the base of her speech. That by unlocking the music around her I am opening her sound base. It’s more than just kids songs, it’s listening to the song of the world.

It’s easier than I thought     I totally over thought speech and music. So many times my over thinking has made songs, and nursery rhymes no fun for Lilly. It was so bad that Lilly never wanted to sign with me. (It could also be I am tone-deaf) I find the simpler I make it the better results I get.

Crank The Worship Music    We listen to The Message a lot and I rotate through some christian CDs. (One of them is a preschool bible song cd.) If Lilly starts to sign or dance a long to the music while doing homeschooling I stop what we are doing and have a sign/dance off.

Real Instruments    A few years ago I bought real wooden instrument kit for Lilly. It has some shakers, drum, tambourine, and a few others. I keep them separate from the rest of the toys and bring them out for homeschooling time. I chose real because they are the ones Lilly would see in the real world.

Books Based On Songs  I picked up a version of Wheels On The Bus that has 2 words we are working on in it. This book has been a great buy because she now makes us sing the words instead of reading it plus she does all the actions to it!

Bring A Signing Aid To Church    Lilly pretends a shaker is a microphone. Two months ago I started bringing it to church. I watched a child who just sits there to a little girl who get’s right into the music. She may not sign the words but her sounds God knows the words to.

Each day brings new surprises with music. Just today the sound of birds caught Lilly’s attention in a new way. Now it’s just connecting those kind of experiences with speech.

By His Stripes Alone


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