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Lilly’s Diagnoses Date

This month marks Lilly’s 6th Birthday. I have been busy planning, prepping and hosting birthday celebration. It’s always a blast to do! For me as a parent this month also marks Lilly’s Diagnoses Anniversary.

I have really never wrote about Lilly’s diagnoses date or how the anniversary affects me personally.  It’s something I usually keep to myself but today I felt drawn to write about it. The thing is Lilly’s diagnoses date also falls on her birthday.

Lilly's Diagnoses

After 9 long months of anticipation my sweet little girl was born. Lilly wouldn’t even show us if she was a girl or boy in the ultrasound. It was a complete surprise when she came into the world. It is I the day I became a mom for the first time in my life and heard these words:

“Uncontrollable Seizures”

“Respiratory Distress”



“Abnormal MRI”

“Oxygen Asphyxia”

Since that day Lilly’s diagnoses have evolved with her symptoms. Anyone of those diagnoses could have been Diagnoses date for me but it will always go back to those first words uttered by the Doctors in her first hours  of life.

Diagnoses anniversaries can be hard for anyone to swallow. It’s the reminder of when the world changes for someone, often in a negative way. Over the years I have read and listened to people share how they deal with it. Some go for a retreat, others shut themselves off from the world.

I remember one time I saw a negative/depressing comment on social media about a ladies daughter’s diagnoses anniversary. It shocked me to the core because I could never imagine writing something like that.

Than one day it hits me. Instead of thinking of the negative surrounding Lilly’s life I focus on the positive because I always want Lilly’s birthday to be extra special, not depressing.

Lilly’s birthday is a huge thing for us because that is when we celebrate all the milestones she has met in the year. (A-man gets just as big of a party too) All the milestones that the first diagnoses said that she might never see.

Adding 3 new words to her vocabulary.

Being seizure free for almost 6 years.

Blowing out her own birthday candles.

Living past 72 hours of life, coming home from the hospital and still beating the odds 6 years later.

Yes, diagnoses are hard to live with. Like everyone else I suffer from negative thoughts. On the tough days it is hard to see past things like chronic pain, and everything else. Even as I type this I am decompressing from a long day of Feeding and Swallowing Assessment.

Over the years I have learned to focus on the positive of the diagnose instead of the negative. Lilly is an amazing little girl who is a fighter. Since the diagnoses I have learned so much about myself that I never knew existed.

The worst day of my life is also the best so I focus on the best part of it instead of being sucked into the negative part. How do you handle diagnoses?

By His Stripes Alone


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6 thoughts on “Lilly’s Diagnoses Date

  1. In some ways I understand- though it is nowhere near to the extent that you deal with so please don’t think I’m trying to compare at all- I was diagnosed as chronically ill nearly 14 years ago and I struggled with it so badly at first. I was terrified of spending literally the rest of my life in constant pain and those first few anniversaries hit kind of hard. I honestly haven’t thought about it for the past few years because it’s just become normal and God has used it in some amazing and surprising ways. I don’t think I’d be the person I was before and I am so thankful for where God has brought us through it. There are so many days that I am still so sick of it though, but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful 🙂 Keeping you in my prayers with your precious daughter!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Sara. The first anniversary’s did hit a bit hard but I think because it’s so tied with her birthdate I really had to learn to be okay with it. I don’t think anyone is the person they where before a diagnose. I am now following you on Twitter 🙂


  2. I really admire mothers who can totally endure when bad times like this come especially to a baby. It is a good attitude to stay positive. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.


  3. The day of our child’s diagnosis is often riddled with trauma for parents. In addition to the excellent advice you gave her, some parents may want to seek professional trauma counseling. Thanks for adding this link to’s Tuesday special needs link up.


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