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Putting Pain Back In The Box

It has been far to long since I have logged onto the blog to write. I think in total it’s been close to 2 weeks. Eeek! A few weeks ago Lilly attended a Conductive Education camp and totally rocked it. The down side is it triggered a pain flare up which has caused me to be silent on the blog.

I had so many great post planned but taking care of Lilly became top priority during the day. Once the little ones where safely tucked into bed all this Mommy did was collapse into her own bed.

A pain flare up in this household equals behaviour issues. 😦

The great thing is we do have a pain plan now and have an idea of how to help Lilly.

It consists of lots of hot baths, messages, pain meds, cremes, naps and love.

Homeschooling, blogging, work out plans, cleaning, and homemade meals go on the wayside. (Out comes the Kraft Dinner and frozen meals)

Some days nothing gets accomplished on my daily to do list but over time I have learned that is okay. Once the pain is under control that daily to do list gets crossed off.

Yesterday we saw a slight change and today was the best day ever!

I had my smiley, laughing, and dancing child back.

We actually accomplished some physiotherapy and homeschooling today!! Plus this Mommy Blogger actually got to blog 🙂

By His Stripes Alone


2 thoughts on “Putting Pain Back In The Box

  1. I completely understand how pain can cause work out plans, healthy eating, and homeschooling by the way side. I homeschool too. Some times my life gets chaotic and I say “Screw that! I’m just gonna try to stay alive and happy!” The beautiful thing is God gives us plenty of grace for those days. And that it’s ok! Contrary to our perfectionist inclinations, it really is ok to take time off. Our children and our own bodies are not made by God to be constant production machines. Glad I stopped by from the Creative K Kids Link up!


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