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5 Journaling Questions

Last week I was busy shuttling Lilly to and from Conductive Education Camp and my journaling got put on the way side. Actually it didn’t happen at all. My usual time that I set aside for journaling got replaced with cuddling Lilly.

I missed my journaling time.

It’s a new habit but I have gotten used to this sacred time of the day. Those 20 minutes of journaling can inspire me for the whole day. Sometimes they set the tone for the day. Journaling at first came easy and then I hit a writer’s block.

So I Pinterest Journaling and found questions that have gotten the juices going. These two post 15 Big Questions to answer in your journal and 100 Journal Question has helped me break that writers block. For this week I have chosen a question a day to answer. Here’s the list. 🙂

This Weeks Questions


I am excited to get back to journaling and blogging this week. What kind of questions do you answer when you journal?

By His Stripes Alone


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9 thoughts on “5 Journaling Questions

  1. Candice!! Thank you for sharing, I’ve been going through the same thing my journal has been very quiet for a week or so. I love journal prompts!! Thank you for sharing.


      1. Candice, I just google “journal prompts” you can usually find them for about every topic your heart desires! Currently I am working on different bible studies and so most of those have some “questions” which to me is the same as a good journal prompt, because there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all YOUR answer!


  2. Thanks for those, I just searched ‘journal’ on WordPress so I could see what others are up to! I haven’t tried journal prompts but I have tried poetry ones on Twitter and I enjoy those, thanks for the idea 🙂


  3. I haven’t kept a regular journal since I was 13-ish, but I do keep an art journal. I never thought to look on pintrest for topics. I really want to try these topics with my art journal now! (Found you through the Mommy Moments link up!)


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