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The Art Of Goal Making

Goal making is something that I have struggled with in the past. I’d write down a goal, keep it for a few weeks and then got off track. Another thing that I would often do is think of something but never put it down on paper.

I never thought it mattered until I started my apprenticeship program. As I sat in meetings the teachers would talk about writing down your goals and reading them twice a day. Than one day I was talking to another person and he showed me his goals.

His goals looked like they belonged in my prayer journal!

Maybe It's How I make The Goals


Once I was home I sat down to make a 3 month goal plan. For the first time in my life I pulled out my coloured pens, sticker and tape than went at it.

I decided to keep my goals in my journal because it would be easy to review on a daily basis. I have one page labeled Goals At A Glance. On this page I keep an over view of each goal for 3 months. Than on an individual page labelled with the month i keep a more in-depth version .

My goals are assigned a colour of page so it is easy to glance at.


Goals Pen Colour


At first I hit a few road blocks. An example of this is Fun. I had a hard time coming up with a goal for that but in the end I figured a few out. April’s fun goal is to go on a date night with my husband.

Goals: The Finished Product

I love the end result. It suites me just like the rest of my journals!  I hope this inspired you to make some goals. It’s been a week and so far I have stayed on track 🙂

By His Stripes Alone





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