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The Art Of Journaling

Note: Hello everyone! I’m back after fighting the flu last week 🙂 Honestly I can’t believe I haven’t logged in here for a week!  Thank-you to everyone who stopped by while I was out 🙂

On Saturday I went up to my office and attended a class on Winning Habits. As I was listening to the teacher talk I light up when he mentioned that a really good habit is writing in a journal for 20 minutes a day. This is where I started to really pay close attention.

Yes, I journal. I actually have a prayer journal.

When he started talking about how to journal he mentioned that we should be writing down our thoughts, and questions we have about life. (example: What am I excited about?)

That got me thinking. In my prayer journal I write things down that I pray about but I don’t write down my thoughts or questions about life.

Yesterday I spent some time going over my notes from the class and I had an idea.

That I would take my Project 365 Journal, (that is lacking in entires) and turn it in to a journal for thoughts, feeling and questions. Also every day that I spend 20 minutes writing in my journal earns me a point for Project 365!

The Art Of Journal

In my journal I also put my goals down for April, May, June so that I can review them at least twice a day 🙂

So far I have just 1 point but it felt so good to get stuff down on paper. Now I need to rush off to do some homeschooling and I hope you have an awesome Monday!

By His Stripes Alone


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7 thoughts on “The Art Of Journaling

    1. The classes are part of my apprenticeship program. 🙂 As for the journal part I use the same idea that I learned from Courtney at Women Living Well with pens, stickers, and post it notes for bible study but apply it to my journal. Next Monday I will be talking about my goals and how I write them out.

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      1. I love Courtney and her classes, I am doing the “blogging through the bible in a year” with Courtney! I am new to the walk with the Lord, so my new bible is suddenly getting very colourful and I am loving the study each morning,its how I wake up, my family know “leave Mum alone till she’s done her bible study!”


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