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My Crazy Messy Life

Life is crazy and messy. Last week was one of those weeks where it was like a mess bomb happened right in the middle of my life. On top of a busy schedule I was under the weather.

It was a mixture of a virus, stress, asthma and being run downed.

Don’t get me wrong a lot of great, and I mean great things happened last week. It was amazing to see God working in our life but it left me tired.

Yesterday I sat down and pulled out my Bible. Right now I am following Good Morning Girls Blogging Through The Bible. Through out the month of March we are working our way through Matthew.

Last week I got way behind on my readings…in fact I had all 5 days to catch up on.

Matthew 7:24


This verse really made me stop and think about things. The matching question with it is: How are you focusing building your family, or your personal life, on the rock that is Jesus Christ?

In the mixture of the craziness and mess it is easy to let your focus off building your life in christ.

God has been speaking to me on multitasking through things I read, the bible and conversation. One question that keeps coming up is:

Am I to busy doing too many things to hear him?

Something that keeps moving in my soul is I need to slow down my business enough to hear his whispers. It’s time to stop doing home school planning while planning blog post while scheduling social media things.

The special needs mommy in me needs to start separating therapies from homeschooling. If we are colouring for fun I need to stop also trying to do homeschooling goals at the same time.

God speaks to me in those moments. I just need to be going slow enough to hear him. How can I put his words into practise if I can’t hear him? I want to build my house on a rock.

By His Stripes Alone


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