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The weather is warming, the snow is melting and I had a potential problem on my hand. I have a typical running/climbing 18 month old who needs to be outside puddle jumping BUT can’t. His older sissy can not go outside because the yard is too gross for her to play.

This is the season that bikes are dusted off and brought out to be ridden on. For some children this is a right of passage in childhood.

In our house it is a luxury.

Lilly was given a tricycle when she was 1 and we attempted to use it but it did not work for her.

Last spring I looked into getting Lilly a specialized bike. We found one that fit her but due to the price tag I couldn’t get funding for it.

People where afraid that she would out grow it right away. 

This year in early January I saw a thing for You Can Ride Two application floating in one of my parents forums and instantly filled out the forum. Then I highlighted the important dates in my calendar.

Last friday was Try The Bike Day!! Awesome is the understatement.

We showed up at the gym and there where so many different bikes with all different modifications plus the adaptive bikes. 🙂

It was busy but there was a lot of help. We ended up with a physical therapist who has worked with Lilly before. (God is awesome!) 

We tried her on an modified bike. That did not go well was an understatement but then we moved to where they had adaptive bikes.

At first she was leery of the bike but we encouraged her “chase”  A-man. It worked like a charm!

She's doing it all by herself!


That little sentence blew me away. I thought I was hearing things. In my head I had already started planning how I was going to teach her to ride a bike this summer.

Now I don’t need to!

On Sunday we got to pick up the bike and bring it home. As we approached the building Lilly got excited. She couldn’t get out of the truck fast enough!


We quickly went through the process and Lilly got a chance to zip around again on the bike.  I loved the process. It was easy, efficient and the volunteers where so helpful!

You Can Ride Two program opens up a new way of mobility for Lilly but it also allows two children to bond. Lilly and A-man will have a blast playing outside with spring/summer/ part of fall.

I can imagine it now. Lilly zipping around on her bike with A-man following behind with his tricycle. (Using his feet to make it move instead of pedalling)

Two children are getting an opportunity thanks to a great program!

We where thinking about trying to get Lilly a bike for keeps but decided to wait and see how this summer goes. Who know Lilly might quickly out grow this bike by the fall!

Thank-you You Can Ride Two for a great weekend!

By His Stripes Alone


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