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Guest Post: Somebody Needs To Hear By Tricia Goyer

Not to long ago I was a lost soul when I picked up my first Tricia Goyer book that she co-authored with Kristen Jane Anderson called Life, In Spite Of MeIt was a book that inspired me to become a writer to tell my story. Today I am excited to have Tricia Goyer guest post in honour of the release of her novel Teen Mom: Your Stronger Than You Think! (Today is it’s release date!)


Last night I sat in a small support group of teenage mothers, and one brave young woman, Liz, walked to the front of the room.

“Guys, I usually sit there among you, but I asked Miss Tricia if I could share. You see, I’ve started this journey with Jesus, and I have to share all the amazing things God has done for me.”

Less than four months ago Liz showed up at our group with a dump truck of sin weighing down her heart. She was so ashamed of her recent mistakes that she’d missed many meetings. Yet a glimmer of hope stirred inside. Go to them, and ask for prayer; maybe they’ll still love you.

The first night back, Liz took me aside, and we found a quiet room. She poured out her heart, and I cried along with her. Then she prayed and accepted Christ in her heart.

As I led her in that prayer I could feel the weights lifting: pain, shame, disgrace . . . they were boulders being hurled from her back. We stood and embraced, and the light on her face reflected the transformation in her heart. She prayed and asked God to take over, and He did. Man, how He did!

“You’ll never believe all God’s done for me. He’s provided people to care for me, to mentor me, and He’s taken care of all my needs and the needs of my two kids.” Liz walked away from unhealthy relationships and discovered a community of Christians to care. She’s a different mom, a different student, a different friend.

“If you want to join me on my journey, call me whenever you want or text me. Come over and we’ll read the Bible together. There’s so much He has for you.”

And as I sat and listened with tears in my eyes, I realized that every moment I’ve spent volunteering in these teen mom support groups was worth it. It was worth it because Liz is worth it . . . and so is every other young mom who needs to hear the truth of Jesus’ love.

I’ve been honored to watch these stories of transformation unfold, but that’s only happened because deep down I knew there was someone out there who needed to hear. There is someone in your community who needs to hear, too.

Someone who feels alone.

Someone who feels unworthy.

Someone who feels ashamed.

Somebody needs to hear . . . they are worth your time.

Somebody needs to hear . . . that God’s grace is for them.

Somebody needs to hear . . . that their darkest sins are not too dark for God’s light.

Somebody needs to hear . . . there is hope.

Somebody needs to hear . . . peace can come.

Somebody needs to hear . . . about a second chance through Jesus.

Now please join me over at my blog for the rest of the story!

Tricia Goyer

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