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Financial Friday: Week One

Did you catch my big announcement on Tuesday? If not here is the run down. The Hubby and I have decided to take up the challenge to change our finances. We are working our way through Dave Ramsey Sermon series Life Money Legacy.

Each Friday I will be blogging about our journey!

Right away The Hubby related to Dave Ramsey. He started off telling a story about when he was 12 he had a lawn mowing business. Well The Hubby had one himself!

Two things that stopped both The Hubby & I in our tracks was: 1) Dave Ramsey hit rock bottom and 2) that the bible has financial principles.

In some ways The Hubby and I always thought we where the only ones going through our issues. I mean everyone looks like they have it together right?

Until this sermon the only verse I could recall about finances is the one about tithing. It never crossed our minds to ask God for direction through the bible.

During the sermon Dave Ramsey touched on 5 key things to implement  in your life to help your finances.

5 Things To Implement:

1) Budget: write down on paper, on purpose before the month starts.

2) Get out of debt and stay out of debt. Proverbs 22:7

3) Relationships: dysfunction in the family loses you money 

4) Save & Invest Money

5) Give

On Tuesday I challenged my readers to make a financial binder. (Did anyone make one? Please leave a comment to let me know.) Yes, I made mine and made a budget. We also made some challenges for ourselves.

Financial Friday!


Gulp, that’s a lot of things… The Hubby and I have a lot of things to over come but I am sure it will be worth it. Come back next week to see what we have learned 🙂

By His Stripes Alone


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9 thoughts on “Financial Friday: Week One

  1. I really enjoy Dave too! We went through his financial peace university a few years ago. We need to get back on track with it, so this will be a good series for me to check in on to encourage me.


    1. Have you read is his book The Legacy Journey? It caught my eye at the book store but I didn’t pick it up. I was hoping some bloggers have read it and can tell me if it’s good 🙂


  2. I am so excited for you and your hubby, Candice! My hubby and I dug ourselves out of huge amounts of credit card and auto debt. It wasn’t easy and required much sacrifice but the peace it brings is more than I can express! Our income has consistently decreased, yet God has remained faithful. He has provided all of our needs. Though our income is lower than it has ever been, we are able to pay extra on our mortgage, save, and give. We do make sacrifices, but our hearts have been changed. Hang in there! Keep the faith and the focus when it gets tough – I promise it is worth it. (I write a bit about stewardship on my blog, if you’re interested in finding some encouragement on your journey). Blessings to you and yours! (Visiting from the Time Warp Wife)


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