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The Hubbies Favourite Healthy Pizza

A few weeks ago The Hubby and I went on a date night. For supper we went to a few different restaurants to find out two things: 1) we no longer like loud restaurants and 2) the wait was too long. (We must be getting old)

Where did we end up you ask? A cute Neapolitan Pizzeria called Famoso’s.

I’ve always wanted to go but my leery Hubby not so much. After watching a few Dinner, Drive in and Dives that featured Neapolitan Pizza places has opened him up. Plus we don’t try any new restaurants with the children. (Disaster in the making!)

The Hubby had fun trying to figure out what he wanted and there where even some words that left me wondering! (It made good conversation starters…)

After some debate The Hubby had the Porsciutto Arugula Pizza and I had the Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizza. We both got half order pizza with The Hubby having a side of soup and I had a side of caesar salad.

The food was amazing!! The Hubby loved his pizza so much that he went on a mission to find a way to make something similar at home.

This is what he came up with.

The Hubbies Favourite Pizza

1 Italian Style Flat Bread
Olive Oil (to your liking. We like it light)
Baby Tomatoes
Italian sausage meat (pre-cooked)/Porsciutto
Italian Blend grated cheese

1. Pre heat Pizza stone in a conventional oven at 350
2. Meanwhile spread olive oil on flatbread. Place the 
desired amount of toppings on. (The Hubby likes less than
I do)
3. Once ready cook in the oven for 10 minutes or until the 
cheese melts.

This makes 1 adult serving but you can easily multiply 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family does. As for Famoso’s we will be returning again the next time we have a childless night that includes dinner 🙂

By His Stripes Alone


Disclaimer: These views are main alone. I was not approached by Famoso’s to do a review for them nor have I accepted any compensation by Fomoso’s. This review is a result of a great date night!

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