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A Fresh Start With Homeschooling Planners

I’ve had it with schooling planners! Over the years I have picked up a couple and as I try to document the many things we do I get frustrated with the planners. Not enough room to write notes, or wrong field or just doesn’t flow with what we are doing!

Lilly has many goals we cover; speech, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, physical, and self-help.

I’m not even talking about the regular stuff like math, science, letters, and so much more.

The teachers planner that I purchased last July is not cutting it. It’s set up in an awkward way and has a lot of areas that I do not use. The place Lilly gets her specialized service from gave me new goal sheets with her IPP goals on.

Which was great but had no room for other information we cover in a day.

Every once in a while I get the thought…maybe I should make my own planner. Than I shrug that thought off and move onto a blogging thing.

Until I came across Sarah from Year Of Sarah post Live Purposely + Free Planner Printable. In her post she explains how she makes her own planner. It got me thinking and questions popped up.

So I emailed her!

Sarah was kind enough to explain that she used Picmonkey. I talked to some other bloggers and they all where kind enough to share how they make their planners.

With Canva on hand and Windows I made a new homeschooling planning sheet. It has everything I need for now . The great thing I have figured out how to give it to you for free!

Free Homeschooling Planner Printable

Homeschooling Printable

I hope you like the printable. Now my brain is going crazy with ideas for my ultimate planner. One that combines a medical journal, (Lilly’s) meal planning, blog planning and homeschool all in one.

This busy mom’s dream, everything in one place!

By His Stripes Alone

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