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The Power Of Exodus

In my post Getting Back On Track one of the things I talk about implementing back into my life is a regular consistent Bible time and study. I chose to go with Good Morning Girls Exodus study. I have a confession I have tried reading my bible in the year, (failed miserably) and a couples Bible in a year. (That one was a much worse attempt)

I just have a hard time processing the old testament. Always had; this goes all the way back to my sunday school days.

Why did I chose to an Old Testament study?

Because it is produced by Courtney Joseph and Good Morning Girls Team. I have done similar studies in the past through them and have enjoyed them. But I did something different I signed up for an email group.

God has recently spoke to me about community and how I need to be in them. That when I do a study I need to be in a community.

I never understood why until know. Each lady in my group gives a different perspective and it has helped me see Exodus in a new light.

More than just Moses taking the Israelites out of Egypt.

I started this study with a heavy heart. I had just gone through a tough stretch personally at the end of Christmas. Than we started the New Year with a passing of a church family. A young father of two little ones and a wife to a friend.

in Exodus 3 i what really caught my attention that week was the part that God said, “I will be with you.”

During this season it brought me such hope. Further in the verse it says “you will worship God.” I found timing interesting since this came during the week leading up to the celebration of life.

One word to described the celebration of life was worship. My friend is one of the worship leaders in our church. Her team, (minus her) did the music and we sang song after song. Her team is known for leading the song Oceans during worship.

During the celebration my friend got up and sang Oceans with her team. No words can describe it.

When ever I hear Oceans on the radio now I think about worshipping God in all seasons.

During that week I had an appointment for Lilly. I was a bundle of nerves and with everything going on I did not know what to say. That night I laid it at his feet, had a great appointment and then I read this verse.

Exodus 4:12


As I make my way through Exodus I am reminded to worship him, to lay everything before him even if I don’t have the words, and I am finding it has changed how I look at the story of Moses.

Yesterday I read Exodus 17: 12. At first I was puzzled but then I pondered the discussion question. Whom have you come along and been an Aaron or Hur to? So a battle could be won?

Exodus 17:12

Than Exodus 17:12 took on a new meaning to me. It got me thinking about the many times people have lifted me up during seasons of trail.

Those who have prayed, listened and been there for me.

Those who do it today.

Than I thought about friends who I can hold their hands.

How I can help them….

But mostly to pray for those people who are going through trails.

The deeper I get into Exodus the more I learn about God and myself. I can not wait to see what February brings!

By His Stripes Alone


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One thought on “The Power Of Exodus

  1. Hi, Candice! I’m so glad you’re gleaning some important truths from your Exodus study. I find my richest times in God’s Word to be those centered around the Old Testament. It requires extra digging and extra thought, but the treasures revealed are vast! Thanks for sharing this with us at Grace & Truth!


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