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Happy Homeschooling: A Week In Review

This is my Friday post but due to internet connection issues I am posting today! 🙂 (You have to love glitches) Homeschooling this week was blotchy due to two days of pain but we had fun.

This will be my last post on Frozen Activities. It has been a blast but Lilly’s schooling is taking a new direction. Starting Monday we will be shifting things a little with a new planning style.

For my graphics for this theme I used Pam from Over The Big Moon Frozen Pre-K Pack. I loved it because it was free! Lilly is not able to do a lot of the activities but I use the graphics as the base for many other things.

Happy Homeschooling: A Week In Review

On monday we made play-dough! I forgot to put the blue kool aid in it, so it turned into white “snow.” Lilly was supper excited and did most of the pouring of ingredients herself. For the first time ever A-man joined us for this activity.

Kinetic Sand filled with blue jewels, rings, bracelets and a Olaf figure was a huge hit. Both Lilly and A-man spent hours digging, trying on rings and bracelets this month. I love kinect sand because it is so easy to clean up!

I took 3 styrofoam balls, (I paid 2 dollars at the local dollar store for a pack of 6) and put frozen stickers all over it. Than I placed them through out the front room. With a bucket I helped Lilly walk to each ball and collect them.

Now onto my Frozen fails…

Dresses! Yes you read right. Lilly received a Frozen dress truck with an Elsa and Anna dress in it. I have tried a couple of times to get her dress up and she refuses to wear them.

Snow Flake prints. Oh on Pinterest it looked so easy to do and awesome. In real life my “easy” pipe cleaner snowflake stamp fall apart. Lilly had fun though painting 🙂

I hope you have a fun week of homeschooling a head of you!

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