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My Blogging Goals & Tips

Wow Mommas Wonderings is 4 months old! That is so exciting! When I started Lilly Through The Valley I had no idea what I was doing. Words like SEO, Twitter, Blog views, and so much more where a foreign language to me. I learned so much by trail and fail.

My Blogging Goals & Tips

When I started Mommas Wonderings I decided to focus on quality over quantity. I knew that posting 5 times a week right now in my life is a stretch so I decided on 3 days a week. A monday, Wednesday and friday.

So far it works!

Now going into 2015 I decided to make some goals for the blog. Well some new goals to go on top of the ones I already have. The goals are;

One goal is to expand my Twitter and Facebook presence. I have to figure the right amount but try to post/tweet at least 2-4 times a day.

Plan out my blogging; write down blog ideas as they come, write and schedule post a head of time. At first I printed out A Typical English Home Free Blog Planner and used that but my hubby bought me a planner for Christmas. So now I use that one!

Today I am going to share some blogging tips I have learned over the years!

Good Quality Pictures.            This is really important because it brings readers in. I have a feature picture of 200×200, a Facebook picture and a pintrest picture. I use and to edit my pictures.

Quality Over Quantity            What draws a reader in is quality. I personally use the rule of thumb of 500-600 words per post. Why? Majority of readers want a quick read not a novel. Plus it makes me really think am I getting my point across? Another rule is 1 picture per post. (This is really hard to keep to with my homeschooling post to keep.) Not everyone has high-speed internet and it can take forever for pictures to load.

Personality                               Every writer has a personal flare to them. All my favourite bloggers each has a flare to them. It’s why I follow them. I know no matter what day of the week it is if I go to their blog I will find something that will hit the spot. This is something I try to do with my own writing 🙂

Focus                                        When I first started blogging I was like a butterfly with hiccups. All over the place! It took a while but I learned that my niche is Special Needs, Homeschooling, Parenting and Living Well. I try very hard to keep my topics in this area.

Read More                                Read more…why? It’s a great way to show case more of your post. Often when I stumble across a great post I will hit the home page and check out other post. If I have to scroll down a lot post I quickly get bored and move on.

Hope you found this post interesting and helpful. FYI this post is 494 words!

By His Stripes Alone


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13 thoughts on “My Blogging Goals & Tips

  1. Great goals Candice. I’m hopping over from Thursday Favorite Things for the first time. Your image pulled me in, your writing has a pleasant voice, and your images are great. Looks like you are doing a great job with your goals. See you over on Twitter.


    1. Renee!

      I have a confession I have been reading your blog for a very long time 😉 It was one of the first ones I followed when I started Blogging. Thanks for visiting!


  2. These are great goals, especially the quality over quantity one. You have a point: drawing readers is all about quality. And I know as a reader and a blogger myself–short and sweet is the way to go, so having a word count is a great idea as well. Thank you for sharing these!


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