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Homeschooling so did not happen this week. Lilly and A-man came down with the dreaded flue at the beginning of the week and homeschooling got put to the side. Lilly’s muscle tone is way off and so is her mood.

My usual Friday post is about homeschooling but The Hubby unexpectedly went on the road yesterday which sent my to do list upside down. So today I am doing something different.

 5 interesting facts about me post. (Who knows maybe I’ll stump some of my closest friends.)

Number 5……. I love hot cocoa. It’s my go to drink to cheer me up. A warm cup of hot cocoa can pull me out of some of the deepest funk.

The Lady Behind The Blog

Number 4…….. I hate exercise. This surprises most people because in the last year I completed three 5k walk/runs events. I force myself to work out. It’s a concise decision to make it a priority in my life.

Number 3………. Asthma and I have a long history together. It’s something I don’t often talk about on the blog but I am considered an asthmatic. I was originally diagnosed at age 2, out grew it, and then with my pregnancy with Lilly it came back. Now it’s manageable but still a pain in my but.

Number 2…….. My favourite colour is purple but I had a pink room as a child. My dad painted my room pink because he thought it was my favourite colour. I don’t think I ever told him the truth 🙂

Number 1……… This one surprises a lot of people. Up until 5 years ago I didn’t drive. I got my licence but when I went to college I couldn’t afford a car so I bused it. Than I had Lilly and life changed. I quickly had to learn to drive due to all those doctors and therapy appointments. Not just small town driving but downtown big city driving!

By His Stripes Alone


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