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Getting Back On Track!

These past few weeks I have seen a lot of post on New Years Resolutions. Some have been goals for Blogs or weight loss or working out or making more time for God. Each post unique to each blogger.

For this blogger I found myself ending the year in a tail spin emotionally and physically. My over stress syndrome was in full effect, (I know this because I over reacted to something very small,) which throws everything off.

Oh there are many different excuses for the cause of this; Lilly was sick to long, One to many stresses, the stress of the Christmas season and so many more.

The why is actually more simple than that.

I stopped taking care of myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Over the years I have picked up tricks to keep me off anti-depressant and keep myself healthy. In the past year I have let every single one of them slip big time.

For me this year is about getting back on track. As in getting myself lifestyle back to being healthy. I know the tools because I have done them in the past with success. It’s just time to dust them off.

Project 365 By Time Warp Wife. I have Darlene’s post emailed to me. When I got the announcement of the launch of Project 365 I remember thinking, “This might be what I need.” Than on January 5, 2015 I clicked onto Time Warp Wife and felt like Darlene was speaking to me. The thing I like is I’m not counting food points, or keeping to a fitness regiment.

It’s a point a day for accomplishing your goal!

One Point A Day To A Healthier Me!

This is important for me because a lot of “systems” are too overwhelming for me. I need simplicity. I love the FB support group that I joined too!

I Keep track of things in my journal and set it up like my prayer journal with stickers, different coloured pens and I stick motivation things in it. I have 3 Key areas that I want to focus on: Eating Healthy, exercise, and Bible Time.

Good Morning Girls Exodus Study     Right now I need a bible plan that is everyday and consistent. I found that with the Exodus Study at Women Living Well. Courtney host every Monday a post on Exodus and you can get all your materials on the blog. I signed up for an email study group and I am very glad I did. It hold me accountable to sticking with the study!

Eating Healthy    You can’t turn on a TV, the internet or the radio without hearing some kind of advertisement for losing weight right. Oh there are protein plans, point plans, and so much more out there to choose from. None of those really work for me.

Because I have PCOS and have issues with insulin resistance.

I am watching when I eat my starches, (try not to eat any past noon,) eating cinnamon first thing in the morning,  watching my carbs and watching my sugar in take.

Basically eating for my hormones. 

Each of these are simple but will change my life. Each of these steps will make a healthier me! What about you? What steps are you taking to make things healthier for you?

By His Stripes Alone


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13 thoughts on “Getting Back On Track!

    1. Thank-you for stopping by! I finally got my mom to read your book. Once she was done she said, “I wish I had a book like this when you where little. Do you have another book I can read?” 🙂 I sent her over to your blog 🙂


  1. I never make resolutions, I just try to look over the goals that God has for me during the year. Praying that I can help others to learn about him with Global Media Outreach and also spread His Word on my blog and in my life! 🙂


  2. Sounds really great! I hope you’ll have spiritually and physically healthy 2015! I don’t do resolutions because they are so stressfull and mostly I just end up stressed and breaking them and worse than in the beginning. What I do, is pray for the word for the year.


    1. I know, resolutions are my least favourite too! I find because I am not focusing on a weight loss goal, or a diet or anything else it’s working 🙂 If I was to go with a word this year it would be balance!


  3. This is wonderful!

    I once did a Good Morning Girls study and I LOVED it!

    It sounds like you’re steering in the right direction for 2015. I’m praying right now that God lifts you up and heals you in all areas of your life. By His stripes is right!

    Blessings to you and thank you for sharing at the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely day.


  4. Best wishes on getting back on track in 2015. Thanks for adding this post to’s Tuesday special needs link up.


  5. I also have PCOS. I was interested to see what you are doing to help with the symptoms. Maybe I will try some of those tricks, but I’ll have to take them one at a time. All at once, I think I might get overwhelmed. Thanks for your post today! Glad we were neighbors on The Loft!


    1. PCOS is tricky. Personally I find clean eating, working out and avoiding soya is key for me. Also implementing one thing at a time 🙂 Too many thing equals an overwhelmed mommy!Good luck!!


  6. This is good stuff….. currently, I am working on getting more sleep and taking proper supplementation…. it’s not easy, but vitally important and a big issue in my life. I hope your health improves soon. 🙂


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