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As things start to wrap up for the season around the house I take this moment to wish my readers a Merry Christmas. Christmas is 5 days away and things can be really stressful. Today I leave you with a heart warming story.

Last night The Hubby and I where in Toys r us picking up the last of the gifts. We had  two hours to finish off all our christmas shopping. The Hubby and I separated, (one with each child,) and concurred the shopping list.

Lilly’s original present idea was sold out, so I ended up wondering the girls area trying to figure things out. After finding something I joined The Hubby in the check out line.

The lady in front of made small talk with my spouse but I wasn’t paying attention. My mind was on Lilly’s present. Did I make the right choice?

My eye catches the lady as she turns to my hubby and take out a 50 dollar bill.

“My youngest is 19 and we don’t have anyone to buy kids stuff. Please take this and buy something for the children.”

My mouth hits the floor. I hear words come out of my husbands mouth but I’m shocked. I quickly mutter Thank-you before she disappears.

Her kindness left us speechless.

This Christmas as things get stressful remember the kindness of others. This season we have been very blessed by the kindness of our church, friends, family and now complete strangers! It has made our Christmas extra special.

And if by somehow the kind lady stumbles across this post, Thank-you again from the bottom of my heart.

By His Stripes Alone


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