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Taking Our Eyes Of Santa And Focusing Them On Jesus

Through my social media streams I have noticed a few post with titles like, “I’m Cancelling Christmas,” “No Christmas For us.” Quite frankly I was going to write a blog post with a similar title but after reading those post I decided other wise.

The fact is I am not cancelling Christmas. Our house is decorated, presents are being bought and meals are being planned. What are we doing doing differently?

Taking our eyes of Santa and focusing them onto Jesus

We are intentionally celebrating Christmas. Honestly this has been a few years in the making. It started when we realized Lilly is one hundred percent terrified of Santa. For the last few years we just ignored that side of Christmas.

Having Lilly so afraid of Santa made me reliaze how much he is in our world. Movies, books, tv shows, internet, grocery stores, toy department.

Don’t get me wrong I like Santa Clause But I like the traditional versions of Father Christmas or St. Nicolas. Not the guy who lives in the North Pole with elves. (Though there are some very cute stories centred around that version)

Than came A-man who has a different understanding of things. Yes, he is only 15 months but the day will come when the questions are going to be asked.

Who’s Santa?   Why is there Christmas?     Why does Santa not come to our house?

To answer these questions I need to start laying the foundation of what we believe Christmas is about now; Jesus birth, and spending time with family.

This year I am starting to intentionally celebrate Christmas with my children. Here are some of the things I have started for future years:

Advent Calendar    This year the calendar was chocolate presents but in feature years I can put activity scene pieces in it. It’s a fun way to count down  the days until Christmas.

Jesus Birthday Cake   A great way to bring us back to the story of Jesus Birth on Christmas day.

Christmas Eve In A Box     New PJs, some goodies, and movies in a box to open on Christmas Eve.  Right now it seems something small but as years pass the children will look forward to this family tradition.

Limiting Presents!        We buy a few things they need (sweater for Lilly this year, long sleeved shirts for A-man,) some homeschooling supplies, (new markers, crayons and colouring books)  and one big present or two small presents equaling 40 dollars. (a John Deer tractor for A-man and some doll clothes for Lilly). The fact is we pick things up all year round for our children so they don’t need a lot of toys, clothes and ext…

Have the children help make gifts!    This year it was just Lilly but as soon as A-man can he will be helping make gifts. This year Lilly painted canvas and christmas tree ordainments for family members. it’s also a great way to teach about the importance of giving.

Focusing On Jesus In My Teaching       With homeschooling I am lucky that I get to plan our december curriculum so it is easy to incorporate Jesus’s birth story into our daily life. We are reading books, talking about him, doing activities based on Jesus’s being born in a manger and singing about it.  It’s important for our children to learn Jesus story.

It’s very easy to lose our focus during the Christmas season with all the commercialized messages that are sent our way but this Christmas I encourage you to focus on Jesus. All the rest will come together!

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