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Jesus Birthday Homeschooling Theme

Last month I came to a huge realization for the first time in my career I could focus December on Jesus Birthday! When I worked in the field we focused more on non religious side of themes. To say I was supper excited was an understatement.

Than an Upper respiratory virus showed its ugly face. First A-man got it really bad and then Lilly got it really bad. So we haven’t done as much as I would have liked!  But here is the run down!

Happy Birthday Jesus

Books:  My 1st Read & Learn Christmas Countdown Until Christmas 

Song: Mary Had A Baby Boy

SIgn Language: Baby, Boy, Jesus

Words: Manger, Baby, Jesus, Mary, Joseph

APP Of the Month: Starfall; focusing on the sign language area.


Counting Down The Days Until Jesus Birthday      Each day read from My 1st Christmas Countdown Until Christmas. Than each night after supper we open up the Advent Calendar. (Check out my post Lilly’s DIY Advent Calendar for how I pulled it off.)

Mmm Ginger Molasses Cookies         I put the ingredients into containers. Example: For 2 cups of flour I separated into three Tupperware containers. The focus of this activity wasn’t to follow the recipe but to create a speech enrich environment. 1,2,3 are words we have been focusing on in the past that I can emphases during this activity. THis is also a great activity to use sounds like mmmm, yuck, and yummy.

Nativity Pre-K Pack          I found this great free printable pack at Over The Big Moon. It’s came quite handy to make things up. I used the sorting people and animal sheet. (Which Lilly loved) I also made fridge magnets out of a manager, baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. This pack is great to make quick table top activities.

Ginger Bread Manger      I saw this on pinterest and fell in love with the idea. Sadly we haven’t had a chance to make it yet but I am planning on doing it next week. The idea behind it is that we basically make a manager instead of a gingerbread house.

Jesus Birthday Cake         The big ending to this unit is on Christmas Day we have a birthday cake with our Christmas Supper. At this point I am not even sure how I am pulling this off but if the children are healthy enough we will be making a cake from scratch.

Hope you are having a Merry Christmas! Please check back next month as we explore Frozen! The first post will be on January 9, 2015 called Why I am Using Frozen For Speech Therapy.

By His Stripes Alone


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