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Lilly’s DIY Advent Calendar

Due to A-man coming down with another bout of respiratory virus last weeks homeschooling post got delayed to this Friday. This month for homeschooling we are focusing on Jesus Birthday.

No Santa things.

No “winter” or “holiday” theme.

We are focusing on Jesus and how he was born. In our schooling we are learning the story of Christmas.

Part of our study is the count down to Jesus Birthday. I didn’t want to buy one of those chocolate calendars that are in the stores this time of the year. (my children really do not like the chocolate in those things.)

On a Facebook buy and sell I saw an advertisement for a homemade one and thought I could make one myself.

Lilly's DIY Advent Calendar


Christmas stickers                      Wool                    Construction Paper

Paper Bags                                  Glue                     Candy of Your Choice

Scissors                                       Tape

It took me about an hour, (with having the munchkins at my feet) to make. First I was going to make a whole 25 day one like the one I saw BUT The Hubby pointed out, “It would be too much for Lilly to process at once”

Lilly's DIY Advent Calendar

1. I cut 7 paper bags in half. (The number we decided on to be perfect)

2. With a small top of a jar, (baby food size) I traced 7 circles and numbered them from 1-7.

3. I decorated the bags.

4. The Hubby found our Melissa and Doug Food Set and brought me the wooden box. I put two separate line of wool on it and then decorated the outside of it.

5. I filled Day 1 with Lilly’s & A-mans Tree decorations.

6. The rest of the bags were filled with chocolate that the children like.

7. I hang the bags on the line and then placed the advent calendar on the table to wait for December 1.

Lilly really likes this advent calendar. She looks forward to finding her surprise, (even when she has been too sick to eat the surprise,) after supper.

To expand the advent calendar I taped the numbers onto the bags. I encourage Lilly to pull them off and put them onto a piece of cardboard with “December” on it. Than we count the days of the month.

Make sure you check back next Monday for Taking Our Eye’s Off Santa and Turning Them Onto Jesus!

By His Stripes Alone


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