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My Christmas Planner

Christmas is coming. In our house hold we are busy with our Christmas baking, collecting supplies to make presents, and decorating the house.

It’s a busy time of the year and this year I made myself a Christmas Planner 🙂

I first heard of a Christmas Planner in a post Courtney at Women Living Well wrote. The type 2 planner in me wondered why on earth would I need a christmas planner?

Fast forward two years and I now own one.

Last year we spent Christmas Eve and Day in our local Children’s Hospital Emergency room. Lilly was sick most of December and by Christmas I was exhausted. All the planning, and trying to keep up with everything was overwhelming.

The problem was I couldn’t delegate because all the plans where in my brain.

One day in November I found a free printable by Angela at A Typical English Home and printed it off. The reason why I liked Angela’s printable is it had a tradition page, a meal planning page and an event planning page.

A tradition page is important to me because I believe children will remember traditions more than presents. Having the traditions all planned out able The Hubby to help implement them.

Grocery shopping is another thing that can be delegated if I need it to be as long as the grocery list is pre-written. (Plus if I am too tired to think I won’t forget something!)

This is a small thing that makes my christmas go smoother!

By His Stripes Alone


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