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Stomping Out Of Dinosaurs

This month has been busy and honestly this post is not enough to share with you what we have covered. Here is a quick over view of the fun we have had.

Physical Therapy & Learning All In One Dinosaur Puzzle     A while ago I picked up a dinosaur puzzle piece and put magnet on the back. On a stand up freezer we put the dinosaur pieces just above Lilly reach and then have her stand to put the puzzle back together.

Dinosaur Egg          I found one of those watch me grow eggs from our local dollar store. We placed the egg in water and watched it crack. Our end result was a weird-looking yellow dinosaur.

Dinosaur Bubble Wrap Painting     When my last shipment of essential oils came in I put away the bubble wrap. I took the strips and taped them onto a piece of cardboard. Lilly painted the “eggs” and then pressed it onto a piece of canvas.

Dinosaur Movie    I picked up the original Land Before Time at Target for 4.99. This movie was a childhood favourite and I loved watching it with my children. It did not hold Lilly’s attention for long but it was great to see Sarah, Ducky and Little Foot all over again.

App Of The Month  For the month of November we have been using Dino Dan, (I paid 1.99 on iTunes). It’s a cute app about a dog who goes digging for dinosaurs. It was a bit challenging for Lilly but we had fun with it.

That’s it for Dinosaur month check back next week as we start exploring Jesus Birthday!

By His Stripes Alone


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