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Roar Into Dinosaur Theme Homeschooling

When the idea of doing a dinosaur theme for the month of November I was hesitant. I was not even sure Lilly liked Dinosaurs. The more I explored Dinosaurs on Pinterest the more I got excited.

There where so many fun activities to do!

Plus it brought back so many found memories of my brother playing dinosaurs. Oh The Land Before Time series, the figurines he had, and oh the play we had.

Lilly and A-man are loving dinosaur month!

A-man is really getting into the dinosaurs. I start our homeschooling with activities that he can take part in and then move onto the more advance lessons once A-man goes down for a nap. (since he is only 14 months 😉 )

Here is the quick rundown of the meat behind this unit:

  • Dinosaurs make great roar, grr, and loud sounds. (great sound development opportunities)
  •  The imaginative play opportunities are countless. (Dinosaur digs, playing with dinosaur, and so on)
  • The science behind this is beyond cool: where did dinosaur live? Where kind of foot prints do they have? What did they eat? What is the ice age?
  • Math: God made Big and small dinosaurs. Counting dinosaurs, the different kind of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are great for sensory small world play. Why is this important?

Due to Lilly’s her brain injury I knew she might be at risk for sensory disorder. We started sensory therapy at approx. age 6 months and continue doing so today.

Dinosaur Sensory Activties
Photo by Candice Wilkinson

Dinosaur Ice Age       I layer froze dinosaur cake topper’s in a margarine container over night. Than in a Tupperware container I put sea salt, spoons, and the frozen dinosaurs. Than I let Lilly and A-man at it. A-man loved playing with the ice but Lilly didn’t.

Dinosaur In Tar        Cornstarch + Water+Black Colouring= goop. I made up some goop, (minus the black,) and put three dinosaurs into it. Lilly looked at it but did not like the goop feeling. 

Dinosaur In Snow       After a recent snow fall I scooped up some snow in a container, put in some dinosaurs and spoons. Than let the children at it. This was A-man’s first snow play and he did not know what to think of it!

Dinosaur’s In Sand       This is Lilly’s favourite activity. She loves playing with the dinosaurs in sand, rocks and sometimes I throw in Easter eggs to be dinosaur eggs. A-man loves scrapping the eggs against the sand. The sound captivates him for minutes.

Check back next Friday to find out what we have been up to!

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