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I’m Having A Moment

Oh the famous moment in life. The one where your children have been sick for over two weeks. You haven’t seen anyone by your spouse, parents and doctors. Keeping on top of the runny nose, virus symptoms, grocery shopping and now Christmas prep can be overwhelming.

I was on a great blogging momentum before this moment but it’s stalled due to exhaustion.

So I decided to write for five minutes, unfiltered, and with a hot cup of coca beside me. Maybe I can get out of this blogging rut 😉

Aaaahh moments.

Sometimes they can be awesome; life changing even. Than the other moments you just want to cover your head with your duvet and go back to sleep.

Oh sleep….that would be amazing!

The great thing about these moments is the amazing strength God gives you to get through them.  He opens up your schedule when you need it.

During this time God has blessed me with so much!

Life getting rearranged to be able to deal with my sick kids. People at church taking over my volunteering duties so we can rest and get better. I’m having a moment and that is okay.

Are you having a moment?

By His Stripes Alone


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