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5 Healthy Habits Changes

One day this past September I was crying to The Hubby about how frustrated I was about not losing weight. I’d get excited and start something…Than I would back slide into bad habits again.

The Hubby sighed and listened to me rant and rave for a bit before saying something astonishing.

Your trying to do too much. Why don’t you focus on one thing at a time!

Yes, in the past I have succeeded on 90 day plans of extreme dieting and working out plans with great results. But this time around the plans are just too over whelming.

I started out small and September’s stuck.

No Eating Out or If we do its under $20.00     During the month of September friends of ours started implementing a no eating out rule. The Hubby and I thought that was a great idea but realistically we live 30 minutes out-of-town and sometimes we need to eat out so we put a limit on it. Twenty dollars! (I have had to eat out 3 times since September.)

Kicking the carbonated drink habit        October’s habit was a bit tougher. I was having between 1-8 cups of pop a day. (Not every day but some days) My energy level was very low and I am a busy mom. I found myself trying to refuel with pop.

I started swapping pop out for 2 cups of hot cocoa/ Tim Horton’s Coffee/almond milk/ 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon per day. AND vegetables/fruit infused water in between my coffees..

It worked. I prefer my coffee and waters over pop now! (well most days 😉 )

When November came I started to implement two habits.

Build A Menu    Since A-man was put on a dairy free diet my meal plans have hit a rut. A lot of things I traditionally made..I can’t now. The Hubby and I decided to invest in one months membership to see how it would work.

So far I love it! The website is easy to use. I just pick out the meals, print everything off and now at meals I know what we are having.

The best thing is the website has Trim Healthy Momma meals and Dairy Free Meals.

The recipes cover everyone’s eating habits and meal time is so easy now!

Working Out      Since injuring my foot back in may this has been a frustrating area of my life. I finally went to the doctor and spent October figuring out the issues. My doctor wants me to implement an upper body and lower abs work out for this month.

It’s a work in progress 😉

A Small Change

Olive Mistro     I read somewhere that if you spray on your olive oil instead of pouring it on it can cut some calories. When I saw an olive oil mistro set at Costco I thought I’d give it a try! (I’ll let you know how it goes)

I hope you find this habits helpful!

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2 thoughts on “5 Healthy Habits Changes

  1. I am trying to kick the carbonation habit as well. I don’t drink that much (less than a can a day) but still, somedays I find I am relying on that can. Thanks for the tips!! Let us know how the spray canister works for the olive oil.


    1. Ooo someone on the carbonation elimination goal too! As for the spray can it works pretty good. I have to play with the amount for my omelettes. Mine stuck to the pan today 😦 Thanks for stopping by!


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