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Winter Boot And AFOs

I hate shoe shopping. Scratch that I hate shoe shopping for Lilly. For anyone else in this family it’s easy. You go into a store, find a pair of shoes you like and if they fit you buy them.

For Lilly it’s different.

She has two leg braces, (AFO’s) and the muscles in her left foot are so tight that the height of her foot higher than most. Which makes it incredibly hard to find shoes for her.

For months The Nana and I search online and in stores for winter boots that will work with her AFO’s, (leg braces).

Each time we find something we “think” would work, it ends up being a dud.

Which is why Lilly has yet to own a pair of winter boots.

In the past keeping Lilly inside was doable but I know have a busy 1-year-old who needs to go outside this winter. Winter boots is a must!

Nana found a pair of boots that she thought would work. One day last week The Hubby and I piled the children into the truck and headed into the big city to find some winter boots.

Ends up those boots did not come in Lilly’s size but we decided to check out a friends suggestion to check out  The Shoe Company.

I left everyone in the truck and run in to see their selection. After talking to an associate I brought the rest of the family in.

Once I explained the issue the associate disappeared and came back with some winter boots.

Kamilk Kids winters boots are perfect!

A Wider Opening
Photo By Candice Wilkinson

The boot opens up way wider than any other boot I have ever found and she can even wear them with out her AFOS!!

Next on my list where runners to go with the AFO’s

After trying on 6 different kinds of shoes we found the perfect ones!

A Perfect Fit
Photo By Candice WIlkinson

The shoes are pink, have sequences, glitter, light up and even have a bow on them!

The Twinkle Toes by Skechers  are made a bit wider than some shoes so Lilly’s AFO’s can fit in them. The bonus side is Lilly can wear them with out her AFO’s. I can not keep them off her!

I had a great experience with the associates at The Shoe Company and will be checking them out the next time I need shoes for my family 🙂

By His Stripes Alone


7 thoughts on “Winter Boot And AFOs

  1. Hi there – I realise this is an old post , but thought you may find this helpful as your daughter is still young. Mymayu is a small company in B.C., makes a great boot that can accommodate some afo’s. At 17, my daughter is too big for them now, but neighbour’s little ones are in them and I love them. Trying to find anything suitable for anyone over 12 yrs is challenging! Mymayu sells online, only i sincerely wish they made adult sizes too!


    1. Have you tried moccasins? I found someone who makes them and just waiting for my daughter’s feet to stop growing before purchasing a pair. Other Mom’s have told me they work great but I don’t know how they would hold up to the BC rain. Just an idea


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