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Church Unplugged

Church Unplugged: It Got Me Thinking

I did something scandals last Sunday. The thing is no one knew..(other than The Hubby) I went to church without an important life line…

My Cell!

That’s right I left my cell at home. My cell is always on hand just incase there is an emergency but last saturday night I forgot to plug-in my cell and the battery was dead the next morning.

At first I felt naked. Like something was missing but then I relaxed.

Last Sunday we had a guest pastor from Kenya, Africa preaching. He said something that touched home.

He talked about how he was concerned about preaching because he was competing with cell phones. Where he lives no one has a cell phone and people’s attention are focused on his words.

He also talked about how people where proud to bring their swords, (bibles) to church.  It’s a big thing to own a bible where he lives.


It got me thinking…..

Does my cell get in the way of my relationship with God?

Does having an electrical bible get in the way of my relationship with God?

Quiet frankly In both cases yes they do.

Oh I have quickly sent a text to someone during church service because I thought it couldn’t wait.  It’s really hard sometimes not to answer my phone during prayer time.

I love my electronically Bible App. It’s so handy to have access to The Message, Kings James Version and so many more just a touch away. But there is a down side; you also have access to social media apps, texting, and games.

I can get distracted and open those other apps instead of the bible app.

Lately I have been using my Bible more instead of the electronic one. I find I love the paper feeling over scrolling. (also I wonder a lot through the Books) Plus my notes stick out to me more on paper.

I’m trying to get into the habit of turning off my phone or leaving it in another room during prayer time.

Small steps for me but could have a big impact with my relationship with God.

By His Stripes Alone


3 thoughts on “Church Unplugged

  1. This is very honest. I hardly ever use my phone for my Bible reading and that’s probably because I can see the words in my Bible better. I have a big letter Bible. Most times I have to hunt my phone because I have missed placed it. But I do think I rely on it just a tad bit too much. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I have noticed most of our congregation follows on their phones and tablets now. I still prefer my Bible…I also make special notes in mine. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!


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