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My Feeding & Swallowing Tips

My Feeding & Swallowing Tips

In the past few months I have been asked the question, “How on earth did you get your child onto solids?”

My first response was “Oh it was easy.”

The Hubby gave me an are you kidding look? Than politely reminded me that it sure wasn’t.

I think he remembers those days as of having a frustrated, crying wife who felt like she was the worst mother on earth because she couldn’t make head way getting her child onto solids.

Oh yes those days!

I guess it’s like childbirth, you forget the pain of it once you’ve moved onto the next therapy goal to reach.

I spent hours talking to Lilly’s doctors, dietician, swallowing and feeding team trying to get Lilly off puree-ids and onto solids. Today I am sharing my 7 tips that got me through that period of our wonderings.

God’s Whispers/Mommy Gut     It’s called many thing but it’s that thing that just tells you when your child’s really sick or if they are getting in trouble. God’s Whispers t also tells you what advice to listen to or diet to put your child on. Listen to it!

The times I didn’t listen to it I regretted it..

Your Not Alone     Remember that! There’s other moms who have gone through the frustration of trying to get their children onto solids. I have had food thrown at me, utensils thrown at me, and cried myself to sleep wondering what’s next.

Knowledge      I spent hours pouring information. It allowed me to make informed decisions. A big piece of information was finding out that Lilly’s tongue muscles where not strong enough to move the food from the front teeth to the molars.

We spent months working on strengthening the tongue.

Divider Plates     I love them! What I did was put two items that I knew Lilly loved to eat in two spots and then in the third spot I put a food item we where working on that month.

Watched How We Talked About Food In Front Of Lilly      This is a huge thing in our house. We never say we don’t like a food or hate it or it’s gross. As parents we eat foods that we are not found of in front of Lilly without commenting our opinion.

If Lilly doesn’t eat a food we do not comment on rather she likes or dislikes the food.

Nibs Liquorice    Lilly hated the pipe chew toy that her occupation therapist had us get. It was a key item to get her tongue stronger. One day her Daddy gave her a cherry nib and she started sucking on it.

That sucking turned into nibbling which turned into chewing.

Cheeses/Veggie Sticks    Surprisingly my pediatrician told us this. (I know, your amazed, I sure was) These are great dissolvable food items with some nutrition value and with Lilly’s calorie burn that is important.

I hope you have found this post helpful. If you have any tricks in getting your child onto solids let me know!

By His Stripes Alone

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