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Natural Healing:Unexpected Answer

Natural Healing: Unexpected Answer

 Last spring I sat in a chronic pain meeting regarding Lilly to find out that I am on the right track to controlling the pain but to help her further we should look into natural therapies.

My heart dipped a little. A part of me really wanted a quick fix.

Swimming, yoga and natural pain relief creams where subscribed instead of drugs..

Yes, I get the reason behind why drugs are the last result and totally agree with the doctor.

Drugs should be left for surgeries, and acute pain. With my luck Lilly would react to any drugs they would subscribe for her. (She is very sensitive to medication and one of the reasons why they wanted to go with the natural route first.)

Does this route work?

Swimming  Once the new pool opened up in our city in July we started to take her regular three times a week. If she needs it more than three times a week we will add another day. Since starting this new routine we have noticed a positive change. The water relaxes her muscles and she feels much better afterwords.

Yoga    At this moment of time we do not do yoga. Instead I focus on functional stretches with Lilly.

Natural Pain Creams I found a cream at the store that worked great but was not frugal for my budget. (More like a big sting)

With all the “natural” products I have been using lately I decided to invest in some essential oils and make my own.

The creme was very easy to make and Lilly loves it. She signs for it when she is in pain!

(I also use it myself and love it.)

It’s been 5 years since Lilly was born and it amazes me how much information I have learned. God has blessed me with so much knowledge and wisdom to help her heal.

Turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, (3) and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding.- Proverbs 2:2-3

I have prayed this verse many times, often when I am at a cross roads with Lilly’s care. Each and every time God has been faithful. Sometimes his answers come immediately and sometimes it takes years.

How about you? How does God answer your prayers?

By His Stripes Alone

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