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When Learning Styles Affects Relationships With God

When Learning Styles Affects Relationships With God

Today is one of those dull, bone chilling autumn days. It’s hard to grab inspiration from anything but I have my hot chocolate, candle light and christian music playing in the background hopefully something will struck my fancy to write about.

Once upon a time not to long ago there was a young girl who thought the reason why she did not fit in with a crowd was because she was not christian enough.

She could not memorize a memory verse if her life depended on it. (this was really important and stressed in sunday school)

Prayer was something she just did not get. (trust me, I tried but the words just did not come. Ends up I have a different process of getting it out than some)

Oh and don’t even mention Bible reading. Yes, we are supposed to learn great things from it but her bible remind closed. (She just did not understand the words written in it.) 

Do you relate to this girl/women? Do you struggle with personal time with God?

I know I do because that was me at 13, than 15, than 20 and then at 25.

What changed? I had a life changing wake up call and asked God to mould me into his image.

By doing that he brought things into my life to help my break down the roadblocks that have in the past kept me from growing a deeper relationship with him.

I have a learning disability.

It affects, (not just my spelling and grammar on this blog) how I process things and how I out pout of things.

Traditional Sunday School Teachings are great but do not work with my learning style.

My Messy Creative SOAP Prayer Journal

Write A Love Letter To God   Those 5 words changed my prayer life. Shortly after Lilly was born I picked up an old journal and started writing to God. If I believe right the first journals had a lot of Dear God or Dear Heavenly Father. That’s Ok!

Ends up I am someone who needs to think about what I need to speak.

So on the spot praying is not my thing.

I even write out the things I want to pray about on sticky things than put them on the pages I am writing out my prayers on.

This is ok because God made me in his image and new this is how I would speak to him.

SOAP One word that transformed my life.

I learned about SOAP from Courtney Joseph founder of Women Living Well. It is the foundation of many of her Bible studies. I use this method during my bible time.

S – Write out the scripture that speaks to you from the passage.
O – Write down one or two observations from the passage.
A – Write down one or two applications from the passage.
P – Pray over what you learned from today’s passage.

Coloured Pens As a child I loved them but tucked them away to conform to the words expectation of Blue and Black pens.

Thanks to a reminder I have pulled them out. Each pen colour has a job in my journal. That way what I learn sinks in!

It’s okay to be messy! My bible reflects my life…messy.

I need to write notes, circle words, underline things and doodle.

It’s how I process and it’s okay to do! Imagine that! If you looked at my husbands his is electronic but his process is different from mine.

Most important when you pray ask God to mould you into his image. He will continually bring things into your life that will bring down those road blocks of learning 🙂

By His Stripes Alone

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5 thoughts on “When Learning Styles Affects Relationships With God

  1. Don’t you just love how God speaks to you right where you are? I’m so thankful you were able to rise above the well-intentioned expectations of other Christians and find YOUR way to grow in your relationship with Him.
    Blessings to you on your journey! Thanks for sharing your post with us at Coffee and Conversation. 🙂


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