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Named By God: It Changed My Life

Named By God

There was once a time I used to feel guilty if I did not speed through a six-week bible study on my own.

Part of me believed that if I did not finish the bible study in a speedy time that I was not making it a high enough priority.

But what if God wanted the bible study to go on for months?

What if this is God’s plan?

These two concepts blew me away. A little over 6 months ago I started the study Named By God by Kasey Van Norman on RightNowMedia. (I didn’t get the books due to being frugal)

After the first session I walked away looking at the book of Genesis in a new light.

Than it was a month before I did the next session.

That session I walked away thinking about Bitterness and how it is affecting my life.

2 months later I walked away wondering if I was moderating my sin.

That is when I first got the idea of writing my book.

After that the weeks got closer and I finished the study. I walked away with a different view on life and my relationship with God.

That I am perfectly wonderfully made in his image.

After this bible study I believe that bible studies are sometime drawn out so God can speak to my heart . Have them sink in a bit more and change it.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

What about you? How long has some bible studies taken you? Has it been weeks, months and maybe years?

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