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How I Plan

Last saturday my Facebook status was, “Almost done a week of homeschooling planning.”

A friend of mine commented how do I do this?

Everyone does their home schooling planning differently. I just wiggle my nose, stomp my feet three times and wallah it’s done.

I wish but that isn’t how it’s done!

I purchased an Education Station Daily Plan Book 2014-2015 at the beginning of the year. It has 10 subject spots. I use 9 of them; Occupation Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Literacy, Math, Science, Imaginary Play, Self Help and ICAN. 

I choose a lesson plan for each subject and then use it all week. Why? Lilly’s brain has a bit of a delay for retaining information. This give her the chance to retain what we are learning.

With trusty Pinterest on hand I plan out a week of activities for each subject 🙂

Here are some of the things we did this week!


Yes, this is a picture of two cows on my sliding doors but there is a great explanation of why! On the outside I have drawn a line between the two cows. With window markers I encourage her to draw between the two cows.

Than I do motor imitation of her drawing. Have her draw first, than my turn, than her turn. This is the early stages of writing letters.

And that is as far as we got because of a huge hiccup…..

A hiccup hit us hard on Monday thanks to Lilly’s Knee Bursitis flared up.  I have been doing a lot of pain management instead of focusing on homeschooling but here is a list of some fun activities we did!

Coloured a horse and glued popsicle sticks around it for a fences.

Made apple strudel muffins.

Went to CHIPS.

Played with the sound puzzle a lot. It’s a great destruction for pain management!

Have a blessed weekend!

By His Stripes Alone


One thought on “Homeschooling Hiccups

  1. I have been homeschooling my children including my special ones for years. I have never heard of the planning resource you mentioned! I am looking forward to checking it out and looking around your blog more. I’m sorry about Lily’s pain. I’ll add her to my list of children that I pray for! Oh, BTW- I found your blog through the Dream Team Link share


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