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Ice Creme Irony

Ice Creme Irony

Picky eaters! It’s something I see in the parenting forums and sigh. Yes, I am sure 5 Tips To Stop Picky Eating is helpful for most parents but for me I just laugh. Oh, I wish it was that simple to get over a Swallowing and Feeding Disorder.

But it isn’t.

It took me a lot of repetition and a few years to get Lilly from purred foods to majority of solids. (Anything with seeds is still a tough one)

Most children once they learn to love the coldness and texture of ice creme they love it. They often beg for seconds and point it out at the store. On hot summer days it’s a favourite treat.

It took me over 2 years to get Lilly to like it.

I’d give it to her and then she would throw it to the floor or at me. Slowly over time she started tolerating ice creme and then it became her favourite food.

So much that Lilly would eat it 3 times a day…If I’d let her.

As soon as a meal is over out comes the persistent signing of ice cream and pointing at the freezer.

Than A-man came along with a dairy allergy.

A month dairy free and on meds A-man has gained 2 pounds but can’t have ice creme.

Oh he loves ice creme! (who wouldn’t when your Lilly’s sibling?) Just his tummy doesn’t.

My mind just wants to scream, “I spent over 2 years and many hours working on the texture of ice creme and now one child is allergic to it!”

Oh the irony!

The issue is Lilly likes to feed A-man. The moment I turn my back she is feeding him of her plate. With ice cream this is disastrous!

Oh and the diapers for mommy to change!


A Lilly & A-Man Favourite

Obviously I can’t get rid of ice cream off the menu. Recently I found myself standing in front of the dairy free section of the ice cream section. Much to Lilly’s delight I even found a version of ice cream sandwich!! Chocolate Rice Ice Cream and a sorbet.

The universe has stabilized in my household 🙂

By His Stripes Alone


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