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My Prayer Haven

My Prayer Haven


In the last few week’s God’s taken my life and completely turned it upside down. It’s amazing how you could be waiting on him for what seems like well forever and then..


Everything is shaken up at once.

I started off the fall just working on my blog…Now I have added tones of things to my life. Don’t get me wrong they are all good things but it’s left me feeling in awe of his wonders.

I recently found out that my name was being considered for the Ladies Ministry Team at my church. I prayed, thought and asked God for conformation.

Last Monday God sent conformation. I was at the first bible study of the fall and felt that I was exactly where God wanted me to be. That everything I have been through has brought me right up to this moment and I am to do the ladies ministry team. So I made my self a viable to what God wants me to do 🙂

Last monday I visited Women Living Well and read a post that shook me and left me wondering;

When did I stop making my house my haven? Especially during prayer time?

Wow! There was a period of my life that lighting a candle, drinking my hot cocoa and reading my bible saved my sanity. It got me through some tough bleak seasons.

Every day since than I have made a point to read my bible while drinking hot cocoa and smelling roses.

It’s been BLISS!!!!

There must have been something about Monday because on the same day I read about Darlene Schacht’s 31 Day of Prayer for our Marriages Challenge. Marriage is something God has called me not to write about but I will say that I am doing this challenge.

All ready it has opened my eyes to things and I am thankful for this opportunity.

Last but least, I have been praying for direction in my life. God has opened the doors for me to be a Financial Advisor. I am starting to study for the test 🙂 Yes, a big change!

God is good!

By His Stripes Alone
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12 thoughts on “My Prayer Haven

  1. I love your set up Candice. I didn’t think of putting my bible and journal there… maybe I shall bring them down, mine stay on my bedside table… love your yellow roses!


      1. Funnily enough Candice, this is one book that does NOT put me to sleep. By my bedside, I am in his word first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I felt I needed that commitment because I am so new to this walk with the Lord, at the start I wondered if I would stay on the track, tomorrow is 100 days so I am very proud of myself and the fact that I am enjoying it so much! Thanks for the reply!


      2. Wow a 100 days Kim!That is a huge congratulations!!!

        I think for me the reason it puts me to sleep is exhaustion! My bed is for sleep and it’s like my body shuts down when I get into it. When I sit at the table all these thoughts, verses, and God just ignites my soul. (plus I have usually had at least one cup of coffee by than…wide awake ;)) Have a great Tuesday!


  2. I agree, I’d forgotten the peace that comes with a simple flickering flame, a hot cup of liquid, and the Lord Word, to get the day started right. It encourages a slow down…SO necessary these days.

    Found you via Courtney’s blog today!!


      1. Me too! I found Courtney when I first started blogging and have faithfully followed. (I love her book) I used to continue it past the fall but somehow got out of the habit. This year my goal is to make it until next fall! I think I need to stock up on candles..


      2. I love her book as well! I need to re-read it, I devoured it the first time through. Having a supply of candles would be lovely. I don’t know if I’d be able to do it through to next Fall, but..I think doing it through to the New Year would be attainable!


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