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October Is Farm Month!

Farm Theme

This past week I read a question in one of my forums, “How do you home school speech therapy?”

I’m lucky in the sense I have my Early Childhood Diploma and I am the daughter of an educator.  An educator who wanted me to be a teacher.

But not all special needs parents have that kind of back ground.

Before the homeschooling years, (2-3 years old) I took a Hanen parent course through my daughters speech therapy on top of the communication courses I took in college.

I own the book It Takes Two To Talk and still use its concepts in our daily life. (Possibly picking up a few more Hanen books)

Lilly has an intellectual delay and this gives me the freedom to plan our curriculum around her learning needs.

The first thing you need to understand about Lilly is her speech disorder comes secondary to a gross motor disorder. When most babies brains where mapping mouth muscles movements for sound her brain was not because it was delayed in its learning and is quite a bit behind.

This year we are focusing on providing opportunities that allows both vocal and motor mimicking. (Example: When a baby first learns to clap, a parent keeps imitating the baby until they have mastered that movement)

October is Farm Animal month because this is an awesome sound theme!

We focused on these things this past week:

  • Farm animals: horse (neigh sound,) duck, (quack sound) and cow, (moo sound)
  • Colours Red, Yellow and Green
  • Line Drawing, (pre letters)
  • Pretending to be a cowboy

Sound Book

I got this idea from Montessori, (great for pre-k language ideas). I made a book with farm animals and the sounds. Here is how I did it:

  • I printed out Peek-A-Boo Farm Animals Activity by I cut out the coloured animal sheet and pasted the graphic on some card stock that I had on hand.
  • Than on my computer I typed out 3 words (animal) go (sound). Why 3 words? The less words the better for Lilly’s learning. She comprehends the activity better this way.
  • Once everything was pasted, I used self laminating envelopes and laminated everything.
  • Punched a whole in one corner and put all the cards on a binder ring.
  • Done!

What Do Horses Eat?

This past week we explored what do horses eat? Our horses were given some apples to eat. Lilly’s job was to wash that apples before they went out to the barn. (Bowl, apples, fresh clean water and dish towel) 

I grabbed some beet pulp and hay cubes from the barn. I put each one in a plastic container onto a tray with a jug of water. Lilly poured the water into each bucket and watched what happened to the food. (This type of food expands over time)

Sound Puzzle

On Wednesday I went to our local schools toy lending library and grabbed some farm animal goodies. One of the items I grabbed was a Melissa & Doug Animal Sound Puzzle. This puzzle is a great speech therapy and fine motor activity.

Lilly spent minutes trying to figure what picture makes what sound.

The App we are using this month is Starfall. It is a great pre literature and sound app.

Check back next friday for more ideas or you can follow my Homeschooling Ideas Board on Pinterest for inspiration!

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2 thoughts on “October Is Farm Month!

    1. We are having fun and it helps that we live on a hobby farm. Today’s field trip was to go outside and ride the pony. The other day it was getting hay and tractor rides 🙂 The speech part came from a question that was asked on your page I believe either from you or a reader 🙂 Well I think it was you…might have been A Mommas Story. (another great homeschooling link up)


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