Community Beyond The Blog

Blogging has changed my life. It’s open up doors I never expected, An online community. When I was lacking a community, I made online friends.

It helped me during a very tough period in life. I felt isolated because of the trauma I went through with Lilly’s birth and then acceptance of the diagnoses.

During that period of my life I also did not understand that part of the issue was stuff from past community hurts.
In my teens I had a friend that I let down because I never shared my troubles with her. During that time of my life I actually never told my friends what was really going on in my life. If someone asked me how I was, my response was always.


When I was actually the exact opposite.

I was silently dealing with the death of a childhood friend and there where things going on at home I was afraid to speak to anyone about. My childhood best friend really needed to hear those things but I kept it inside.

As years passed that un-dealt sin just built into a bondage and it affected every relationship since. Through bible studies and a lot of time with God he has chipped away at this huge bondage. James 3:17, 18

In the past I’ve complained to The Hubby about the lack of community I feel. A couple of weeks ago he came home from church and said, “There’s a ladies ministry thing happening on the 29th. I take it your going?”

Sadly that is when the excuses came out of my mouth.

“I usually don’t like the bible studies.”

“I don’t fit in.”

“I’m busy.”

All lies from satin and my spouse called me out on it. How can something change if you’re not willing to even go?

We made it a priority for me to go. I’m a busy mom but being part of a women community is important. God does not want us to go alone in life and it’s important not to let business get in the way.

Tonight I am taking action in my life by going to this ladies event. I’m leaving bondage of the past in the past. It's Impossiable

Tonight when someone ask if I am okay….

The answer will not be fine. I will be real.

Yes, I might get hurt BUT not being part of a community is a much bigger risk.

Today I am stretching beyond my blogging community and close friends! By His Stripes Alone


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