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A Fun Family Event

September is a busy month around here because there are two major events going on for Cerebral Palsy;

1 Steptember 10,000 steps for 28 days raising funds to help people with Cerebral Palsy.

2. Life With Out Limit Challenge. A 5 km run, walk and wheel to fundraiser and event.

This year I was not able to take part in either due to an ankle injury that is still bugging me. (The Hubby said I had to let it heal up after The Colour Me Rad 5 KM) I was very disappointed not to take part raising money for a cause so dear to our heart.


Lilly is a member of Life With Out Limits organisation. It’s an organisation that helps people with cerebral palsy. A couple weeks ago I was talking to a staff member about something else and she encouraged me to bring Lilly even though we where not able to do the 5 km.

“It would be great for you to meet other families and to see Lilly again.”

I traded off my serving commitment at church, (Thank-you again! You know who you are!) and off we went. It was an amazing experience.

We meet other families!

Connecting with other families is important. It opens up your world as a parent and it also opens up your child’s world.

Face Painting

We got our faces painted!

Even A-man got something done on his arm! A spider! Lilly got something girly (I think a butterfly?)

We took in the booths!

The Hubby spent a long time looking at an adaptive van with a ramp.

One family won the costume prize by showing up as Duck Dynasty family members. They where well dressed! (I’m trying to come up with next years costumes for us)

Over all the event was tons of fun. The thing I like most about it was the family atmosphere. I love how once you are done the 5 km it turns into a fun BBQ with 50/50’s, Draws and visiting. From now on I am going to end my season with Life With Out Limits Challenge.

Maybe next year The Hubby will register with me 😉

By His Stripes Alone


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