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Loving The Monkeys Bum

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Since I started cloth diapering I have learned a lot about different kind of cloth diapers.

Yes, I have the cost effective cloth diapers that make up the majority of my stash but than I have a few customs.

I love supporting Moms who design there own cloth diapers when I splurge.

When Megan at The Monkeys Bum asked me if I would review her diapers I said Yes!!

Megan sent me two of her diapers and one cover to review. (This review is solely based on my experience with diapers and is not influenced in any way.) I have had these diapers for five months.

Loving The Monkeys Bum

Megan supplied a hybrid fitted cloth diaper in a really cute design. I must confess it was out of rotation over the summer because A-man lost some weight but now that he has gained it back the diaper is back in rotation!

Over all I have had no problems with this diaper. It doesn’t leak and last up to 2 hours for wear. I love the way it fits A-man 😉

Loving The Monkeys Bum

The next diaper Megan supplied was a blue cotton fitted diaper. I like it but I am biases to the hybrid. (Which is my all time favourite diaper.) I find with A-man he soaks through this one faster but over all it is a well made diaper. I have had no issues with it.

Last but least the fleece cover 🙂

Loving The Monkeys Bum

Honestly, if my stash was all fitted I would have one of these for each diaper. I love it! (Confession I even put it on my pocket diapers.)

It’s perfect for those cold Albertan winter days with some baby leggings. It adds that extra layer to keep A-man’s bum warm and catch those pesky pee through. (He is a boy after all). This cover has saved me a couple of times on those long car rides. (and a few pants)

Over all I found this product very durable. They went through my attempt to find the perfect wash routine; too much bleach, too little beach, too much detergent, not enough detergent, amnion, and the dreaded fish smell!

The diapers still live and absorb!

I have had no issues with stitching coming undone, or buttons being faulty.

I highly recommend that you check out Megan’s Esty Shop and Facebook Page! (her Facebook page has all the latest designs on it.)

By His Stripes Alone
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3 thoughts on “Loving The Monkeys Bum

  1. I do cloth diapers with Miss 2, and have since she was born but I switch back to store bought ones in winter, she just seems to get too cold from cloth. I’m really hoping she will toilet train as this is now our summer in Australia but so far we have been unsuccessful.


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