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Mix Match Curriculum

Mix Match Curriculum

Since Lilly came home from the hospital we have been working on one goal or another. Since having A-man I have learned most baby things just happen. Yes, you nurture them but most of the time he will hit milestones with very little effort.

Well at least with A-man it seems that way.

There’s no short term developmental goals in the 5 developing areas of a child


long term goals. I mean very long term goals like years!

It just happens. Like the other day I turn around to help Lilly with something for one moment to find A-man scaling the couch to grab the remote off a book case.

Lilly on the other hand it takes weeks, months, years to do something like that.

Now I am throwing in homeschooling. If you took a picture of me in July I was pouring over homeschooling curriculum trying to figure out what our school year would be like.

At first I was filled with excitement than reality set in.

Everything was way over Lilly’s head.

Yup, I’m writing my own schooling and that is why I call it un-schooling. (Don’t worry it’s under-supervision of a school and meeting all the legal requirements.)

I take Lilly’s goals and make them into fun filled play activities.

Lilly’s speech goal is to imitate both motor and vocally.

Playdough & Cars

For the next few months we will be exploring cars, farm animals, and babies because they are toys that really encourage sounds.

This month is the car theme.

We have been exploring how cars move, what tracks they make, and how we drive them.

Plus we go off on little bunny trails!

Little Bunny Trails


Life has changed a lot since I started five years ago managing Lilly’s learning but we are succeeding. I’m not the most perfect homeschooling….I’m a type B planner….Most of the time I am un-organised.

Homeschooling like everything else has it challenges.

By His Stripes Alone
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