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5 Reason To Watch Moms Night Out

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5 Reasons To Watch Moms Night Out

Is it just me or has the content of movies these days lacking??

It seems the movie has so many F-Bombs it leaves your head spinning in it or it’s a remake of a past movie. The Hubby this past summer got excited over a box office hit and bought it home.

When the movie was over he turned to me and said, “Good movie but not really Biblical other than the name, and the ark.”

Over the summer I became an unfocused blogger. In other words I was not paying attention to my Facebook, and Twitter feeds while setting up this blog. One of the odd times I logged in I remember seeing a tweet about some one going to watch a Moms Night Out.

Fast forward to last week when I was wondering through the movie section of our box supper store with a Caption America 2 in my hands. (The Hubbies favourite kind of movie ) From the corner of my eye I spot Moms Night Out and I picked it up!

The cover has April off Greys, (Yes, Greys is a secret obsession of mine), Patricia Heaton, (mmm great actress), one of the Hobbits off Lord Of The Rings (Sean Astin),  and Trace Adkins (A country star) on it. It has to be good!

I had to get it… their where only 5 on the shelf. The Hubbies movie went back on the shelf and Moms Night Out went into the cart. (I think A-man chewed on it while I finished shopping.)

Once the children were tucked into bed, I put in the movie. The Hubby was leery. (Sold him on the whole “a country star and the guys off Courageous are in it and you’ll love it“.)

For ninety-nine minutes The Hubby and I did not stop laughing. A couple of times The Hubby turned to me and said,  “The red-head is so you.” “I can see that happening to you.” “You’ve said that!”

My New Favourite Movie

Here are my 5 Reasons To Watch Moms Night Out:

  1. You won’t stop laughing!
  2. Great story line. For once Mom’s are not put on the perfect mom pedestal and are pro-trade as down to earth people who have issues just like us. Most Moms I think will relate to the characters!
  3. Great acting. (My atheist dad’s complaint when ever we watch a christian movie is the acting is lacking.) You can not help but fall in love with Sarah Drew’s portal of Allyson Field.
  4. I’ve watched the movie 5 times in 7 days…I think that says it all!
  5. When nothing is on TV and your Hubby turns to you and asks, “Do you want to watch your movie again instead of the food channel?” You know it’s a good movie 🙂

I found out by a tweet that Moms Night Out is based on the book Moms Night Out by Tricia Goyer. Thanks to a Kindle $.99 special I am now reading it.  I’m only on chapter 2 and so far so good. The only reason I have put the book down is because the kids are sick.

I hope you enjoy Moms Night Out as much as I do!

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