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The Stunk!

I had enough. My cloth diapers stunk, no, that was an understatement… they reeked!

The Stunk

Frustrated was an understatement.

A-man needs these diapers due to sensitivity to disposables but the smell was unbearable.

When I started cloth diapers I read up how to wash the them.

Some people would say use bleach, don’t use bleach, use only organic detergents, and it all became quite overwhelming. I tried it all and nothing seemed to work!

Than Kendra at Becoming a Proverbs 31 Wife wrote something that clicked in my brain.

Cloth diapering is washing your most dirtiest clothing ever! 

My hubbies work clothes are extremely dirty no matter if he is wearing overalls or none. I have to separate his clothing and do an extreme wash.

So this is what I do to my cloth diapers!

  • Never put the diapers in an unbreathable bag or container. (Makes things worse)

Tea Tree Oil

  • In an Ikea kids toy container put cold water and 10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil drops.
  • Put the pee inserts, covers and bowel movement inserts into the tub. Let it soak at least 24 hours.
  • Put in the washing machine on rinse and spin. (To rinse out the Tree Tea Oil)
  • Next it goes on a heavy load with an extra rinse cycle with my usual detergent.
  • Than hang to dry!

For Bowel Movement Covers.

  • Spray the diapers with my handy diaper sprayer.
  • Soak in Tree Tea oil

Than follow the other wash routine.

Why do I separate the BWM covers from everything else? It’s a different kind of dirty than pee and needs it’s own wash especially once the little guy started solid foods. I just found my diapers came out cleaner this way.

Why Essential oils?

I’m still learning about the power of essential oils BUT Tree Tea Oil works well in the soak routine. I found when I used detergent in the soak routine it was too much and caused a stunk.

For those Mom’s who cloth diaper what is your routine?

By His Stripes Alone

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10 thoughts on “The Stunk!

  1. Ah that’s what I thought. My DIY wipes went all mouldy and I had to throw them away. The thought of using mouldy wipes on my baby’s sensitive skin made my skin crawl. If I make another batch I will add some tea tree oil. How much tea tree oil would you recommend?


    1. Depends on the grade of tea tree oil. If it is an therapeutic level it only takes 2-4 drops per 2 cups of water. If it’s a lower grade play with it between 4-10 drops. I use therapeutic grade so its usually 4 drops.


  2. I’ll have to give this a try! My youngest is in disposables because I just can’t get my cloth diapers clean! Our last home had extremely hard water, and so there was build up, then too much detergent, then build up… it’s been tough. Our new place should be better, but I still have to work through what’s in the diaper. I think I added too much Rockin’ Green and burned her bum! Thanks for the tip about the Tea Tree oil!!


  3. Very interesting. Essential oils are really a big thing right now. I used cloth diapers with my oldest, now 35, and I just simply ran them through a rinse cycle first, then wash with a little bleach then a second rinse. I dried them outside on the line for that sun bleached whiteness. It worked like a charm for me. I’m glad so many mothers are going back to cloth diapers these days.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Shirley. With my kids it seems the more natural you go the healthier they get.(cloth diet, preservative free food, essential oils) The reason why I got into essential oils is because natural based pain creams are expensive to buy for the amount I need. So I started making my own. (In October I will be publishing a post on it.)


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