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Out And About Un-schooling

Out And About Un-Schooling

Monday started off with snow flurries….Yes, you read right we had snow! We bundled up and went into town for a field trip. Our local indoor play society, (CHIPS) hosted there free start off party! It was fun to see friends that we haven’t seen much over the summer AND do it while doing school work.

     CHIPS is great for me because it covers a lot of ground in two hours.

 Socialization. All Lilly’s life I have heard people express there concerns of her not learning socializations skills. I don’t sign her up for things but we do drop in socialization groups such as CHIPS just so I can socialize!

Gross motor. CHIPS has tones of gross mortar toys and the great thing is the climbers, toys are all on mats. It saves Lilly’s knees when she is climbing. The also have bikes, and tones of ride on toys. It’s a great way to try out different toys with out buying!

This week we went to CHIPS twice. Each time Lilly and A-man where able to try some new toys and get out a bunch of energy.

When we got home Lilly had a long nap and we had some free play.

On Tuesday I bundled everyone up for a Physio appointment that I mixed up but that was okay it happens. We also meet up with another young lady in the community that has Cerebral Palsy and socialized.

Than it was off swimming for an hour for pain relief for Lilly. During this time we spend time going in circles in the lazy river. We do this about 2-3 times a week.

For the rest of the week we kept to activities like these only because Lilly started a new medication.  Her body is not used to the meds so it is causing her high fatigue levels and she doesn’t have the concentration to work on her other activities.

As her body adjustes to the meds I will start doing little activities again with our project based learning curriculum. Until than we are keeping things simple!

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